Joe Milutis



Work currently in a state of flux with multiple collaborators and threads. Click here for theme song. Click here and here for sketches for a possible performance based on Schreber's Memoirs of My Nervous Illness. "Now I can resign myself to being stupid; Now I can resign myself to being, stupid."


Shell Magic, Or The Blooming Bussing of Blood in My Brain

Sound walk for beach jetty or kayak, transmitters, radios and buried tape decks. Click here for sketch/hint/abstract. With Zoe Beloff as narrator/guide (tk). Click here for performance without water in sight.


X Loves Infinity

Feature-length film project about vampires and dot-commers. Click here for the synopsis. It started as something that I could actually film, but is now unfilmable with my limited means. I might do something like film it with cut-outs and sock-puppets. Ideally, it will be more traditionally filmed, but with experimental features worked into the narrative.