“Marvelously written, witty and inspiring.  A significant and needed contribution to our understanding of the nebulous intersection of technology, subjectivity, spirituality, avant-garde art, and premodern cosmologies”

--Erik Davis, author of Techgnosis

Joe Milutis





“A Sheer delight.  It brings together literature, philosophy, history of science, occult studies, music, audio art, film, American studies and poststructuralism with frightening fluidity and sure-footedness.  I can think of a number of projects that attempt this far-reaching transdisciplinarity, but none that does it quite this well.”

--John Corbett, School of the Art Institute of Chicago



“Milutis is a skilled ringmaster of difficult ideas that might otherwise bite.”

--Gregory Whitehead, radio artist



photo: Stephanie Barber


contact: jmilutis AT uwb.edu