Joe Milutis

Paint It Black (2009)

A YouTube phantasmagoria of amateurs performing "Paint It Black," including karaoke, flamenco, piano, and glee club a cappella versions.






Los Ladrones de Cuerpos (2009-present)

The Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956) subtitled using William Carlos Williams' Paterson and other fragments. As part of the on-going New Jersey as an Impossible Object project. Episodes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.





We Altogether Go (2009)

Two hour live audio-visual remix commissioned by Northwest Film Forum for the 20th Anniversary of moon landing. The video on left is a polyvisual condensation of the two hours in ten minutes (so also a little noisy because all the sound overlaps.)






The Idea of South (2006) (excerpt)

A psychogeographical tour of modern southern ruins, inspired by Robert Smithson's Hotel Palenque slide show. The Idea of South explores derelict spaces, signage, and stores left behind by car culture, and attempts to reenchant them through counter-narratives and interpretations. Video,sound, music and photos. Keach Hagey interviewed me about this video in the Boredom issue of Last Exit.




Line of 32 (2007)

Line of 32 is a video commissioned for New Climates weblog exhibition. It utilizes original and found footage to posit cold weather an object of nostalgic reflection.






Super 8 Diaries (2005)

"Video" (transferred Super 8) with electroacoustic sound. Fragments of sun, corners of time.







Don't Drive Today with Yesterday's Maps (2005) (Excerpt)

Don't Drive Today with Yesterday's Maps is a meta-sci-fi-Christmas-musical. DDTYM appeared in the following formats: 50 minute one-channel video, hypertext essay, gallery kiosk, episodic video.


My styles of production move between narrative and abstract, with various shades in between. I also actively work within the mode of "video essay." Current interests involve issues of the everyday and creative urbanism; musicals; and large-scale narrative productions with experimental features. See also New Jersey as an Impossible Object and "ephemera."