Joe Milutis


I have taught at universities for close to fifteen years, with equal experience in production and theoretical classes. I currently teach classes in Interdisciplinary Arts and Cultural Studies at the University of Washington-Bothell. I have also taught at Brown University, the University of South Carolina, and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. I have been integrating experimental audio and radio components into my curriculum since 1999, including transmission-based experiments and other electromagnetic interventions. I am currently developing media-literary hybrid courses, and continue to teach in the areas of video, new media, literature, creative writing, film, and cultural studies.


Courses taught

*Experimental Writing (Winter 2010, University of Washington-Bothell, Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences)
*Sound Cultures (Fall 2009, University of Washington and UWB, Humanities and Cultural Studies Graduate Program)
*Creative Non-Fiction (Spring 2009, UWB, IAS)
*Interdisciplinary Arts Core (Spring 2009 and Winter 2010, UWB, IAS)
*Performance, Community, Identity and Everyday Life (Fall 2008 and Spring 2010, UWB, IAS)
*The Radiophonic and Radio (Fall 2006, Brown University, Modern Culture and Media)
*Sound for Image (Spring 2007, Brown University, Modern Culture and Media)
*New Genres: Everyday Life (Fall 2006, Brown University, Dept of Visual Art)
*New Genres: Sound, Video, Multimedia (Spring 2007, Brown, Dept of Visual Art)
*Making Experimental Media (Spring 2006, USC Dept of Art)
*New Narrative Styles (Spring 2005, USC Dept of Art)
*Tactical Media (independent study, Spring 2006, USC Dept of Art)
*Introduction to Audio Art (3 times a year: Fall 2002 to present, USC Dept of Art)
*Advanced Audio Art (Once a year: Fall 2002 to present, USC Dept of Art)
*Advanced Sound for Media (Once a year: Spring 2003 to present, USC Dept of Art)
*Surveillance and Art (group independent study, Spring 2004, USC Dept of Art)
*Avant-Garde Film and Video (Fall 2001, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Dept of Art History)
*New Narrative Styles (Fall 2001, UWM, Dept of Art History)
*The Art of Noise: Radio, Sound and the Wireless Imagination.  (Spring 1999, Spring 2001, UWM Dept of English)
*Truth be Told: Working at the Boundaries of Fiction and Non-Fiction. (Summer 2001, Woodland Pattern Book Center)
*Expanded Cinema, Advanced Television Studies, and Multimedia (Spring 2001, UWM Dept of English)
*International Silent Cinema and the Avant-Garde (Fall 2000, UWM Dept of English)
*Dark Comedy: The Politics of Laughter in Film and Literature (Fall 2000, UWM Dept of English)
*Introduction to Television Studies (Fall 1998, Fall 1997, UWM, Dept of English)
*Extreme Fiction: Terrorism, Anarchy and the Bomb, 1880-the present.  (Fall 1997, UWM Dept of English)
Film History (Spring 1998, Spring 1997. TA for Patricia Mellencamp, UWM Dept of Art History)
Current Topics in Media Arts(Spring 1999. TA for Rob Danielson. UWM Dept of Film)
                                                            (*self-designed courses)