Joe Milutis

Radios (2009)

Sound-text collaboration with Danny Snelson based on Ronald Johnson's Radi Os and Milton's Paradise Lost.


The New Swave (2008)

(Pronounced "suave") Performance for sampled lounge albums


Flaw (2008)

Sound poem with delay, hammer, and room.


Airspace 2.0 (2008)

Expanded version of 2005 piece.


New Jersey as an Impossible Object (in-progress)

To Make a Start Out of Particulars

In Spite of the Grey Secrecy of Time

Listen to It!

It's the Locality



Sketches for work on Anti-Oedipus/Schreber (in-progress)

In the Garden

Now I Shall Resign Myself to Being Stupid

Without Knowing the Sense of the Words (with N.O. on loops)

Theme Song


New Jersey as an Impossible Object

Study for Radiophonic Paterson No. 1

Study for Radiophonic Paterson No. 2


Airspace (2005)

Live transmission performance with low watt transmitters.

Various recordings of publicly performed versions:

video feed of performance/talk at Location One

brief cellphone video of accompaniment for Jean Comandon's 1929 La Croissance des vegetaux at Orphans 5.

Glenn, Again (2005)

Bringing the dead back to life through new technology. Again. Glenn Gould is resurrected in North Carolina for a "live performance." Audio essay for The Next Big Thing.


Flagpole (2004)

Musique-concrete for flagpole sounds. Commissioned by the Relay Project.


Sound Design for Cabin Field (2004)

Sound design and music for Laura Kissel's video documentary Cabin Field.


Soft Science "Cinema of Attractions" (2004)

Music and sound design for QuickTime science movies found on the web. Selected and scored by Joe Milutis. Concept and commissioned by Rachel Mayeri.


Forget Heaven (2003)

Indian saints, Shirley Temple, menage a trois, Los Angeles, Moby Dick, giant turtles, and the Museum for Jurassic Technology. Audio essay commissioned for Thirteen Minutes of Heaven, ResonanceFM.


Interview Interminable (2001)

Lacan's short session as a metaphor for experimental audio editing. Part musique-concrete, part documentary interview.

My work in sound encompasses radio experiments, sound design for film, audio essays, musicals, electronic music experiments and various hybrids. I have been doing transmission and radio art experiments since 1991, and have taught sound and radio art classes since 1997. I was the producer of a short-lived radio art show Thickly Settled (from 1992-93) on WMBR in Cambridge, among other various pirate and community radio shows and performances.