Joe Milutis

Poem Talk #25 (2009)

Guest appearance on Poem Talk #25, "Democracy at 10th & A," talking about Alice Notley's "I The People," with Erica Kaufman, Zack Pieper, and host Al Filreis.






Diamond Plate (2009)

Discussion of diamond plate metal work design in the context of historical religious images, Kierkegaard, politicized design, invisible infrastructure, duration and urban space. I've put together a sequence of my notes from this talk on a panel with Anthony Vidler, McKenzie Wark, and Ben Kafka at NYU.









John Updike (2009)

A curious eructation of mine about my long-standing fascination with Updike, given on a panel I organized on creative non-fiction and technology, with Paul Collins and Erik Davis, at the University of Washington.







Radio Poetics (2008)

For the free103point9 Noise Festival at the Ontological-Hysterical theater in NYC, I gave this talk after performing a sound-text work with laptops. Discussed are the problems of locating a radio poetics, sound art and poetry in the 90s, Homeric epea pteroenta, poets as military devices, David Lyle and William Carlos Williams.









The Alchemical Gaze from Michael Maier to William Carlos Williams (2008)

Artist talk with short performance demo, delivered during my residency at the Visual Studies Workshop in Rochester, NY. Discussed are various historical alchemical images (including those of Maier, Bohme, and Fludd), UFO photos, Marlene Dietrich, everyday life, Situationists, Robert Smithson.



Passage to Sound (2006)

A live vocalization of Martin Arnold's Passage a L'Acte, accompanied by a short talk on musical performance, visual presence, acousmatic sound, structural film, technology and the body. Panel members Stephen Vitiello, Philip Sherburne, and Camille Norment look on in horror for the first 8 minutes of unannounced vocal chaos. The last seven minutes situate the experience. Delivered at Sonic.Focus Conference, Brown University.





Virtual Literature 57 (2006)

In 1957, Marguerite Duras gave a definition for vitual literature that had nothing to do with data gloves, caves or hyperlinks, but which perhaps holds a key to understanding the literature of the future. Discussed: Charles Fort, spam poetry, Julio Cortezar, Magnolia, Web 2.0, Alfred Leslie, Internet art, Andre Breton, data realism. Delivered at Location One, NYC, Open House Wednesdays.





Theogony of the Parking Lot (2006)

Script for lecture and tour of Wal*Mart parking lot (originally broadcast on low watt radio to audience in parking lot). Discussed: creating something out of nothing, history of shopping carts, wormholes, cosmogonies, cheap crap, baby lust, trailer parks. Delivered as part of Our: Town: Architecture in Art, Hudson, NY.









Airspace: Networks, Ontology, Ether (2005)

Deleuze's "image of thought" as it applies to radio and radio art. The talk frames me giving a laptop performance with radios and a low watt transmitter. This mp3 file is recorded at a higher level than the video on the left, and I believe it also has more of the q and a at the end.



As with my writing, I prefer to address intellectual topics to wide general audiences in my talks and performances. I have been moving towards a style which unites talk with performance, avoiding the more predictable genres of the scholarly conference paper and the artist talk.